Gal Musette is the story of a young compulsive songwriter who crafts wholesome, acoustic songs with witty lyrics, romantic melodies, and well placed arrangements containing wispy harmonies, dynamic piano arrangements, finger-style ukulele and guitar and sometimes the sounds various household items.

   Grace Freeman started songwriting around 2010 and has been ever since.  She has written hundreds of songs, but she is determined to release "70 Love Songs", an album in response to Stephin Merritt's "69 Love Songs".  She adores the rain and anything that resembles mood or passion, such as grapefruits... just kidding but seriously she would agree that they're delicious.  Miss freeman grew up listening to the classics and was well cultured with good music thanks to her parents, Roy & Stacee.  Grace can appreciate a solid melody no matter the genre.  Many of her favorite melodies were written by artists such as Robert Smith, Paul McCartney, The Shins, and of course Stephin Merritt.  Some huge influences lyrically would include Cat Stephens, Bob Dylan, Conner Oberst, & Elliot Smith. The voices of Bing Crosby, Regina Spektor, Stevie Nicks, Jeff Buckley & Cœur de Pirate have inspired whats seems to be and endless flow of music.  Grace will sit on the piano for hours until her craft is finished and reward herself with a cup of tea, a cozy blanket and a solid book.

   Brent Samson, her band mate is a bubbly fellow who accompanies Grace from time to time on acoustic guitar, drums and vocals.  They are great friends and have been playing together since 2010.  Together they have toured the United States and Canada and are planning on hitting Europe when funds will permit.  A noteworthy project they also perform with is The Moon Police.


Updated 11/23/16